Toledo Tile Stencil


You can easily paint a faux tile look seen on the colorful walls and floors of Spain with our Toledo Tile Stencil. This design can create the faux tile look that you've always wanted on your walls, floors, or kitchen backsplash. You can repeat the beautiful tile design to create an allover look, or mix and match with the Cadiz Tile Stencil, Majorca Tile Stencil, or Marbella Tile Stencil. If you wish to create a fully coordinated look, check out our Spanish Tile Stencil Set that saves you money! To stencil a wall or floor super fast, use the Toledo Tile Allover Stencil, which features multiple repeats of this tile design. Small Stencil Pattern Sizes: 6"w x 6"hSmall Stencil Sheet Sizes: 8"w x 8"h Medium Stencil Pattern Sizes: 8"w x 8"h Medium Stencil Sheet Sizes: 10"w x 10"h Large Stencil Pattern Sizes: 12"w x 12"h Large Stencil Sheet Sizes: 14"w x 14"hSingle Layer Design + 1 Tile Silhouette SKU#: 6269S, 6269M, 6269L